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Dolphin Bar Waiters?

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#21 libbyxoakdogan


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Posted 03 December 2011 - 12:27 AM

But it's the same everywhere. I've been told that Fethiye is bad for women as well. Not all men in Didim behave that way. My fiance is one of the most genuinely nicest, loving and caring people you will ever meet...everybody who knows him and who have met him have always said it. He's been working and living in Didim for 8 years. We have decided not to go back, but it's nothing to do with the women...it's the men. The men bring it on themselves, by being so open to it. This year and last year, more polish and russian people were going, looking for men. These English women give the rest of us bad names, but it's not so the truth.Tornheart, yeah he did work at Pegasus...in summer 2010 anyway! Did you go into Pegasus then? I probably saw you at some point...I was in there every night all summer :)
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 09:55 AM

Is what I said unfair? If so, please tell me how. The majority of foreigners who visit Didim are English. Those bars are full of English women more than willing to have sex with the waiters. Dirty old men goto Thailand, dirty old women goto Didim. That's the sad truth of the matter. If this was not the case the waiters wouldn't behave as they do.

I live in Ankara and know what 'real Turkey' is. Turks do not behave like the pests that are called waiters in Didim. I have an apartment in Didim and I'm currently in the process of selling is because the area quite frankly no longer appeals to me.

Hi Istanbul, I think for you to compare the women who go to Didim with the dirty old men who go to Thailand is rather unfair!Posted Image I have been to both Thailand and Malaysia and the vast majority of men who go there do so because they're paedophiles or looking for Ladyboys.. I've seen with my own eyes men (of all ages too - from 20s to 80s) and from various countries - the UK, Germany, America, Australia etc..walking through the hotel lobby with a girl who looks to be about 10!!

Of course some of the men go there for cheap sex with women who are above the legal age too, but I don't feel you can compare these men with the women who frequent Turkey looking for a Turkish man to have a fling with. There are some English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh women (including those from mainland Europe) who possibly do go to Turkey because they know they're almost guaranteed sex, but they're not paedophiles! And they're not all old women either. Many young girls go to Turkey to get chatted up too!

I can't speak for Didim itself (I've only been there once and left as quickly as possible.....Posted Image ....) but Marmaris and Icmeler are just as bad with the waiter scenarios. I have been told that the men who work in tourism and are looking for sex, vizas etc, go to work the season in Marmaris, Icmeler, Kusadasi, Altinkum and Gumbet specifically, because they're large resorts with lots of female tourists, and they hear rumours from other resort workers that the women who go there are very open minded, and I'm loathe to say this, but they believe the women are low class and easy to have sex with. I hope that doesn't offend, it's just what I've been told.Posted Image I don't think the problem is as bad in places such as Kalkan or Kas, which is why typical love rat waiters wouldn't choose to work those resorts, altough there's probably a few lurking about in obscure resoorts. Of course, the internet has taken over now, so love rats from anywhere in Turkey can just meet a woman online by going into a chatroomPosted Image or pulling one off facebook, so the waiters now have competition from allsorts, shop workers, office workers, drivers, teachers, students, professionals...a whole range of professions!Posted Image

Your comment..... 'about Dirty old men goto Thailand, dirty old women goto Didim. That's the sad truth of the matter. If this was not the case the waiters wouldn't behave as they do.'

If the waiters had any pride and self respect they wouldn't have sex with these women they don't fancy!! The women aren't putting a gun to their heads! These type of women wouldn't go to Turkey if they knew certain Turkish men weren't willing to have sex with almost anyone. And however desperate the women may come across it's always the men who are PESTS!Posted Image They behave like wasps! I know some women throw themselves at any man but generally it's the men who do all the incessant chasing!! They even manage to find you in the comfort of your home now by popping up on your computer!!!Posted Image If you have any connection to Turkey the viza/sex/money hunters will sniff you out on the www!!Posted Image

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Posted 03 December 2011 - 11:11 AM

I completely agree with Lizaliza!! Well said too. You took the exact thoughts from my head!! xxx
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 11:16 PM

İ dont know Didim but İ did once go to Marmaris and didnt get hassled. One of two reasons. They didnt fancy me or İ wasnt dressed as though İ was looking for it.Lets be fair there are tarts of all nationalities and all sexes and assuming only turkish men will have easy sex is a bit blinkered. A lot of europeans lead promiscious lives without leaving their home country. When İ return to Bristol and look around me İ am shocked by the amount of alcoholic and druggy lewd behaviour in the city centre its so bad İ dont go there after 5pm which is a shame as the theatres and such are all in the centre. My friends who live there also say they avoid the centre.