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What are the best Best phone and internet package'.available, pit falls the do's and don't 's etc we will want unlimited download and a fast internet connection, costs etc would be appreciated ..:D

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We changed to superonline 3 months ago when they offered new fibreoptic cable internet and three months free service to tempt us away from ttnet. We are now paying 49 for the internet plus a few lira for telephone which we only use for local calls and two or three international calls a month, the phone costs no more than 5TL per month at the moment, before we were paying about 85TL per month for ttnet and telekon phone package. We are pleased that it is cheaper and the speed is faster, although not as fast as they claim.We left superonline about 4 years ago and moved to ttnet because we were not satisfied with the service they provided. We'll see if they are any better in that respect this time.

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