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Getting Familiar With The Turkish Sounds I I I

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The vowel 'ö' is heard in the English words like burn, birth, fur, Turkey, Turk..But it is never pronounced long, like in burn or birth; a short 'ö' like in Turkey or 'turgor' is better..If I write 'Turkey' as I hear from an English speaker, it must be 'Törki'.The words Turkey or Turk can be helpul also for giving an idea about how the vowel 'ü' sounds..Not as pronounced by English speakers but Turks, themselves, these words are 'Türkiye' and 'Türk', as you know..Maybe the best thing to do is to pay attention to these words when pronounced by Turks. It is very hard to find an English word for a comparasion, except for very special words like 'expostulative' ('u') but even the similarity is limited.Here is a short list for practice:Bölme: 1-division (math)2- physically divided part like a room.Ölüm: deathÖlü: deadÖzür: excuseÖnem: importanceÖnemli: importantÜst: upper ( üst taraf: upper side)Gün: dayGündüz: daytime, during the dayÜzüm: grapeÜzüntü: sorrow

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