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Practise The Turkish 'ı''

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 05:05 PM

If you have tried to say 'kendıl' or 'hendıl', instead of candle and handle, as I explained in the pinned message above, you may need further words to practise...In the words I listed below all the 'a's are pronounced in the same way; a short and slightly stressed sound like 'u' in 'utter'. To explain it better, let me write 'utter' as heard in Turkish: 'atır'. Atık - waste (atmak: 1- to throw 2- to dispose 3- to lay on something like on shoulders 4- slang: to tell a lie 'yalan atmak')Katık - food eaten with bread, in particular to be put in a piece of bread. (It comes from the verb 'katmak':1- to add, 2- to place in, which is a rural use.)Batık - shipwreck ( as adjective, something very dirty 'sinked in dirt', both the noun and adjective come from the verb 'batmak-to sink')Yatık - in the horizontal positionTakı - jewelleryKatı 1- solid 2- rigidSatılık - for sale (satmak - to sell, satılmak- to be sold)Katılık - state of being rigidSome words with 'ı' only:Isı: heatIsıt+mak - to heatIsın+mak - to get warmIlık - warm