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  1. Well my husband had the interview, he answered every question they asked. He said they were professional and they would be in touch within 2 weeks so fingers crossed! some of the questions didnt make any sense for example what do you think of the olympics-dont know what this has to do with us, but we will see what the outcome is soon!!! xx
  2. Thanks Abi, I will let you know soon!! xx
  3. Yes the interview is tomorrow morning at 9.30 turkish time. A few people have said they dont recall hearing anyone having had an interview so i emailed world bridge who said they do call certain applicants for interview but not all. Im so nervous I dont know how I will think about going to work in the morning, and if bad news trying to hold in my emotions at my desk! The annoying thing is they wouldnt tell us what the appointment was an interview or just collection. Is it more common for people to be told over the phone? xx
  4. Hey everyone after 17 weeks of waiting we finally got a call for my husband to go to the consulate for an 'appointment' he asked is this an interview or collection of my things (with or without visa) and they wouldnt say. Anyone any idea if it is an interview or do they tell you its an interview when they give you your date and time to go? Very nervous!!!
  5. Hi everyone, We contacted World Bridge who have told us nothing, just to wait which isnt making us feel any better! this is week 15 and every day is agony! I am thinking of getting some legal advice from a service I get from work to see if I have any rights for answers, surley they cannot just tell us to wait without giving us a time limit....where would it end, we could be waiting for another 6 months with no further news!! I emailed W.B last week who said they cannot give any indication on the amount of time left before we hear. My husband went along to the W.B office last Friday who told him how difficult they UK gov are now making it for people to enter, and i am worried this will effect us if we need to appeal or re-submit another application. Also when looking at the processing times on the border website I have chosen application submitted in Istabul (we know this is where it is being processed) but he submitted it in Izmir so should I be following the Izmir processing time? Hope this makes sense!!! any advice is welcome!!!thanksLaura xx
  6. The company we paid to check the application and the folder before we handed it in have told us Istanbul is very busy at the moment processing the visas both settlement and visit visas, but this is just rediculous! i will tell him to ring again at the end of the week it just doesnt seem right most people seem to have been contacted within the 12 weeks, and I was also under the impression that not everyone was interviewed but from what W.B has said they have made it sound like most people do.
  7. He has been told he will be invited to interview when the folder has been looked at. Everything is in, all the evidence and the application, its all in and we have paid.
  8. HiWe handed in the app at the begining of April, we phone W. B last week and they said you will hear within the next 5-10 days they will invite you to an interview, and my husband said and then when will we know the decision, and W.B said it could be a week or a month. I feel like this is never ending and getting really down about it! the 10 days runs out this friday (not including weekends) we are going to call again if we dont hear anything by friday morning. Feels like this is getting beyond a joke!
  9. Hi Carleygreat new for you!! Can i ask where your application was being processed? We are on week 14 after being told we would hear about an appointment for an interview and still we wait! annyoing!Laura
  10. Hi everyoneJust been reading all your stories and makes me nervous/excited. My husband and I are currently on week 10 of waiting for the answer to the 2 year settlement visa!!! Cant stop thinking about it and we are willing it to come through, I feel like my life has been on hold for the past 5 years!!! we married in September on our 4th anniversary and have been going through the motions of getting everything done to submit! Now its just the waiting which is definitely the worst part. I know the website says it can take up to 12 weeks but im wondering what we do if there still hasn’t been anything after the 12 weeks have past. I don’t even want to think about a negative answer, fingers crossed it will come through within the next 2 weeks, but if not any advice?ThanksLaura
  11. Thanks for that, I will get onto the photos this week. House is a good size (semi D 3 bedrooms 2 reception rooms and there is only my mum and dad living here and I have my own double bedroom)Do you suggest I show my earnings going into my main bank account and the amounts coming out for bills-which should leave me with at least £500 a month for saving.
  12. HiI am hoping for some advice from someone who knows about this or someone has just been through the visa process recently.After four years me and my husband (both in our 20's) got married in September in Turkey with both families around us. Now we are getting ourselves ready for the visa process. Im hoping for him to take the test before the end of the month (if we are lucky) and then onto applying for the visa.We have put as much evidence in the folder as we can think of, including - letter from my full time job, letter from my parents,(who we will be living with) which says they are happy for us to be there until we are on our feet,evidence which shows they own the house, letter from my fathers work to show he is working and can support us. I have put copies of my savings in (which is not much but its a start for a deposit on a house) photos, letters, emails from 2007, phone records (earliest I could request is 2010) etc.Problem is my family think that it doesnt matter how much money I show I have or have coming in they want my husband to have savings too? which is worring-as most of the money he has will be going on the visa and exam! does anyone have any idea how much they expect you to have for the 2 year settlement visa? Im really worried-i dont want to apply just to loose all the money if they give us a no .Is this correct? does my husband need to show savings? or will they look at how I can support him while he is here?ThanksLaura
  13. Hi there!!!To be honest no I wouldnt recommend the hotel at all, there were so many issues-not all relating to the wedding, but the holiday!! after my brother-in-law (Turkish) complained many a time to the management, they didnt seem surprised or bothered about it. The service was terrible and at one point my husband got up to collect our lunch from the kitchen staff as there was no waiting staff on!! It is by far NOT a 5* hotel!!as for the wedding-if it wasnt for my brother in law having muder with them over the setting, the table and arrangments (which i thought were all sorted out) I would have been a bride in tears!! They didnt cover the tables in any decoration or table cloths until my brother-in-law ordered them to-the service at the wedding was just as bad, my uncles ordering drinks and the staff not bringing the order! The only good thing I have to say about this hotel would be the view! BUT my family were all on holiday together and I had my new husband with me so it wasnt the end of the world!My advice would be is DONT sign anything until you have seen and talked through everything! make sure you know all the ins and outs!! Dont be pushed in to anything and if they are pushing you it makes me question why?! Shop around and find a place which will be perfect for you!Good luck and let me know how you get on!!Laura xx
  14. Hey there sunny, thanks for your reply, whats it like then? as good as its made out to be? Im so excited! ive got 16 of my friends and family for here going over with me and to see me get married, they are staying at the Piril hotel, and my close family are staying in Altin Yunus with me and my BF. We will be married the day after our 4th year together over looking the marina-i hope and then a meal within the gardens- i think. any advice for me on anything-turkish-wedding. xx