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  1. 2 meter satalite dish for sale

    2 meter satalite dish for sale, Hd Dream box with 3 months C Line left 400 tl open to offers
  2. Does any one know if you can pay SGK insurance through Garniti bank please
  3. North Cyprus

  4. North Cyprus

    Sounds wonderful then does it go every day. We are going as foot passengers as my sister is picking us up at the other end so no hassle with paper work
  5. North Cyprus

    We will be leaving the car and going as foot passengers so which would you advise is it from Tasacu then
  6. North Cyprus

    We are planning to drive to Alanya Tasucu to ferry to North Cyprus how long does it take and would this be the best route. We live in Hisaron/Ovacik.
  7. Renew Visa Passport !

    Cheers KKW have just looked at my own passport is up 20th July 2011 and my residency is up February looks like another year for me.
  8. Renew Visa Passport !

    Happy New Year guysHave just spoke to some one who is going to get their visa renewed and his passport is up in July 2011 he has been told you need 6 months on your passport to get back into Turkey any information guys
  9. Me Plates From Mugla

    Thanks Saffron so to get them done in Fethiye we need a power of attorney but I think we will go to Mugla and ask one of our turkish friends to go with us. Thanks for your help.
  10. Me Plates From Mugla

    Hi Saffron it is when you are English we need different plates as we are buying a turkish car with turkish plates.
  11. Me Plates From Mugla

    The translator when we bought the car told us we would need power of attorney to do them in Fethiye.
  12. Me Plates From Mugla

    How much will it cost !!!!!!!!! and how do you get in touch with 'takipci' !!!!!!!!!
  13. Me Plates From Mugla

    Second hand has turkish plates.
  14. Me Plates From Mugla

    Hi has any one any advise on getting Me plates from Mugla as they do not do them In Fethiye now would love some help please.
  15. Changing Plates In Antalya

    Cheers any way I shall wait in anticipation